If you ask around to many different people you will find that most people hate to look at or speak about their finances.  It does not have to be this way.  It is possible to enjoy doing your finances and to see exactly what is being paid off and to watch you get further ahead of yourself financially on a daily basis.  It does not matter if you are speaking of your personal checking account, credit cards or even stocks and bonds.  This article will help to show you ways to have fun with your personal finance while at the same time having fun with it.

Compare Personal Finance to A Game When you are playing games such as a video game you get an automatic high when you see yourself earn a new high score or advance to the next level of the game.  In real life you can get this same satisfaction with your personal finances.  Of course common sense will tell you that you will not keep advancing you have to work at it to get to the next levels.

If you are like many of us, you are under a pile of debt.  You should not set financial goals for yourself that you will have a hard time meeting.  The best thing to do is to set goals for yourself that are easy to meet so that you can see yourself making some progress along the way.  Examples of this are to pay off one of the smaller balances on a credit card or save some money for a vacation.  Once you have met this goal and feel a little bit of progress you can move onto the next level as in a video game.

Monthly Challenges Another fun idea to help with your finances is to have a couple of challenges every month.  By setting new challenges every month you will help to change the bad money habits one day at a time.  This is easier than you think.  A good example of this is saving money every day by taking your lunch to work with you instead of buying your lunch out every day.  Believe it or not you will give yourself a good variety of food, eat healthier and save money all at the same time.

Use Computers for people who have a love hate relationship with math personal finances can be terrible.  This is where a computer will come in handy.  There are many different websites that are out there to help you get organized and stay that way.  These programs will also help you to create your goals, track them and allow you to see how you are coming along on your goals every month.

Finances can be a tough subject for people who are in a large amount of debt.  However, it is possible for those people to set goals, track them and see how far they are coming along while at the same time having fun.  Who ever said that personal finance could not be fun was not doing it the right way. Anny is a guest post contributor. She loves to share her vast experience by writing on financial issues like debt, credit card, loan with bad credit, insurance, mortgage etc.


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