love and law

The law of attraction can be a very polarizing thing—either people are enthusiastic proponents who will regale you with tales of how their life changed when they started focusing on what they wanted and altered negative thought patterns, or dismiss it (sometimes quite angrily), citing all the horrible things that happen to people, and how could they attract that? Well, I will not pretend to have a full understanding of the mysterious ways of the universe, why bad things or good things happen, and what role our beliefs and subconscious may play.

All I know, is that when I started focusing on the things I wanted, pretending they were already mine and watching my thoughts and speech, the stuff I wanted started coming to me, including love. So, for a moment, put aside the questions of why people suffer in this world, and indulge me with an open mind about how you may be able to take greater control over your happiness, and find the love you so desire.

Focus on What You Want, Not What You Don’t It is believed that like attracts like, so whatever you are focusing on is what will manifest in your experience. If this is true, no wonder so many of us struggle in the love department. All we do is complain about the lack of ‘’good’’ people out there to date. Women complain that all men are jerks, while men are convinced that all women are psychotic. We go on one bad date after another, keep dating the same wrong person over and over again in various forms, and this just confirms what we believe to be true.

But, I promise you, if you started focusing on what you wanted in a relationship, rather than what you don’t want, or more on the type of person you want to date, rather than who you hate, I assure you that your dating experience will change. Get out a piece of paper and write down all you want in a partner and a relationship—writing things down sets strong intentions and intentions is what gets the cosmic ball rolling. Visualize yourself in this relationship with this great person.

Past Experience Has No Bearing on the Future You can change the course of your life at any moment in time, you just have to decide to do so. Sure, your reality in this immediate moment may remain as you clear out the junk. Too many of us limit ourselves by the false belief that our experience up until this point will determine what is possible for the future. You may think that you are always destined to date a jerk; you have never had a relationship so this means that you are doomed to be alone forever; you always seem to end up with the wrong person and you feel you are cursed to experience failed relationships forever. If you want to attract the right person, you have to believe it is possible; you have to dismiss past experience. It does not matter. All that matters are the ‘’now.’’

Focus on the What and Not the ‘’How’ ’This last tip is the most important and applies across the board, not matter if you are a senior dating in Dublin or 20-year old from Nebraska. When trying to attract love into your life, you must just focus on the ‘’what’’ and not the how. Trying to figure out how is our biggest barrier to letting the Universe deliver its wonderful gifts to us.

 We feel compelled to figure things out, but the reality is, we can’t. We cannot even come close to conceiving all the ways we may meet our new love. It does not matter if you never go to bars, or that you encounter the same 10 people every day of your life.


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