If you enjoy painting and drawing then you will frequently buy artists paper. Cheap drawing paper is fine for making preliminary sketches and thousands of ordinary drawing pads are sold every day. Fine art paper can be costly but many artists are willing to pay more for quality drawing paper. It is difficult to believe that there are so many types of art paper on the market.

But professional artists would immediately recognize high quality art surfaces. If you enjoy creative arts then you should try to purchase the right type of paper.Artists tend to use a variety of specialist art materials which include oils, sketching sticks, watercolours, acrylics, marker pen, pencils and charcoal. Those who enjoy creating comic books or graphics may choose to work on sequential art surfaces such as the Strathmore and Bristol Illustration boards.

The Strathmore 300 series drawing paper (smooth) is particularly sought after by artists who work in pen and ink or marker pens. The Strathmore Vellum is in general used by artistes who work using sketching sticks, charcoal or pencil.Artisans know that they must utilize the right type of paper. Some of the most popular types of paper include sketch paper, newsprint paper, watercolour paper, vellum paper, drawing papers, print papers, visualizing papers and oriental papers.

Many accomplished art lovers buy speciality papers which include coated paper, cover paper, decorative paper and calligraphy paper. Cheap artist’s paper is fine for making a sketch but it is important to use drawing papers that correspond with the medium used. Drawing paper and more are at Plaza Art’s website. Buy a hundred sheets of white acid free sketch paper and it will last for the foreseeable future. Good quality colored art paper is not extremely expensive and it can be used for numerous art projects. Handmade artist’s papers may be costly but they are ideal for art and craft work.

Everyone who enrols on an art course wants to know why paper is so expensive but the answer is reasonably easy. Cheap paper, boards and pads are fine for sketching but a serious artist needs fine art paper.So what are the advantages of using fine art paper? Every type of paper that is created for art work is made using a different process. Many watercolour paper sheets are acid free and some papers are made from one hundred per cent cotton.

A sheet of cold pressed paper will have a different surface to a sheet of hot pressed paper. The majority of artisans agree that the weight and surface of the paper has a great bearing on the quality of their finished art work.If a painter applies watercolours to an inexpensive lightweight art paper then the end results may be disappointing. However, when watercolours are applied to heavier paper the paint is more easily absorbed. Amateur artists should take advantage of discount art supplies.

Inexpensive art products are ideal for practising on. But fine art lovers the world over will tell you that the finest art work is done on superior art papers.


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