Non-Surgical Nose job

At some point in our adult life all of us have stood in front of the mirror and wondered aloud to ourselves that how would our appearance alter if that bump or hook on our nose would not be there to disfigure us.

Most people interested in opting for cosmetic surgery hesitate or even back out of the procedures due to fear of being cut open, bleeding and the stitches that follow. But what most people don’t know is that now there are alternatives available for surgeries. Non-surgical procedures have been the trend for quite some while and it seems they are here to stay.

Non-Surgical Nose job

Gone are the days when one had to undergo painful procedures with cringe-worthy after effects for attaining a younger, fresher skin. With the advent of technology, all this has become easier. There has been a massive increase in the clients for Non-surgical nose job and other aesthetic procedures to improve and modify their facial features. Face is the most important body part and the nose the most central feature of it.It is a highly unwarranted opinion that one’s nose is the most noticeable feature on one’s feature afterward the eyes. Since it is located in the middle of the face, it draws the most attention. And if it is even a little dented or hooked, it tends to make people insecure about their entire look.

 With the advent of aesthetic surgeries, one can get rid of the bumps and straighten their crooked bridges of the noses by indulging in these safe and efficient procedures.

Non-surgical nose job

For this procedure, dermal fillers are used to reshape the nose. They are injected into the skin and the fashioned by gentle sculpting as these fillers are malleable contouring substances. It is beneficial for correcting the minor nasal imperfections such as improvising the nose shape and size. These slight changes your entire facial profile. Candidates who have similar wishes are ideal candidates for the non-surgical rhinoplasty.

How is the non-surgical nose job performed?

It is a simple and easy procedure with a very short downtime. It is so quick that is also called 15 minutes nose job.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the use of dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Restylane. They are the most commonly used fillers. They are injected into the nose and are posed to mimic the natural skin tissues. These fillers are composed of natural substances that naturally occur in our body and are biodegradable. Hence, they pose no harm and are free of toxic chemicals. The imperfections in the nose that require perfection are directly proportional to the number of dermal fillers injected by the doctor and later moulded to create a well-defined nose shape. The fillers can be injected into the nose tip, bridge of the nose or around the nostrils for recreating an impressive facial appearance or correcting the following nasal flaws:

  • Drooping nasal tip
  • Asymmetrical nose shape
  • Humps or bumps on Nose Bridge
  • Flat nasal bridge
  • Crooked nose
  • Misaligned nostrils

Advantages of non-surgical nose job

The results are immediately visible due to stark differences in the before and after face profile. No cuts, bleeding or incisions are involved making it non-invasive and non-painful. The treatment is completed within 30 minutes making it the shortest aesthetic treatment. Since there is no need for extensive after care or recovery time it is an ideal treatment choice for people with hectic schedules. Also, it is much more affordable than Rhinoplasty surgery. The best part is that the results are reversable. If you are not satisfied with your results, a secondary injection can take care of that.

Limitations of the treatment

The only major drawback is that the effects are not long lasting. The result lasts for 6 to 12 months. Hence, you’ll require a retreatment. The other disadvantage is that it is only suitable for nose enhancement and not for nose reduction. It cannot help you reduce the actual size of the nose. If you’ve had a surgical nose job done, it would not be able to help you with that either.

Another important thing to be considered by the clients is to have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. It also has a longer healing time as the procedure has both advantages and disadvantages.

Embedded Protein Threads treatment

This is another technique that has surfaced. These are polydioxanone threads with varying lengths that are placed under the skin of the nose to create a nose bridge or a tip. The results are visible immediately and requires no downtime. The longevity of the treatment is from 6 months to almost a year.

 Here are some things to consider before getting a non-surgical nose job:

  • Your choice of aesthetic injector must be capable of giving you a nose job with aesthetically pleasing results that balance out the rest of your facial features. For this purpose, it is important that you opt for reliable, high street clinics rather than discount clinics who often go as low as avoiding the basic step of sterilization. So, don’t take any chances on your health by opting for cheap injecting clinics.
  • Have realistic expectations. Perfection is not achievable and especially when the other person has to adhere to your standards, it can be quite difficult to get even close. Focus on asymmetry and dealing with any bumps on the length of the nose. The other aspect is the bridge. Have the practitioner work on the crook or the hook on the tip of the nose. You will get improved symmetry. Your focus should be on this kind of result.
  • You must be a suitable candidate for non-surgical nose job. Consult your cosmetic injector and discuss your medical history before signing up for the treatment.

Non-surgical nose job is the perfect opportunity for people who want to fix their nose shapes but are scared by the mention of surgery. This non-invasive procedure will help you get the perfect shape without having you deal with any cuts or bleeding. You can enhance your nose shape and make it more aesthetically beautiful.


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