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Dermal fillers such as Juvéderm and Retsylane have grown popular for multiple facial aesthetic procedures but they can do more than just Botox and Nose job. Proficient health care workers from all around the world and at Harley street cosmetic clinic are creatively coming up with new ways of utilizing dermal fillers for more than just the ones currently known to the general public. These injectable fillers can almost fill anything to overcome volume loss and offer rejuvenation with splendid results.

You may not know about them but that is about to change once you are done reading this article. Here are some of those interesting uses of dermal fillers:

Harley street cosmetic clinic

1.    Earlobe rejuvenation

This might come as a surprise to some of you but using fillers for earlobes is an actual thing and often opted by people who want more youthful earlobes. The age factor causes fat loss and skin damage that reduces the overall volume of the earlobe and gives it a very wrinkly appearance. The injectable fillers rejuvenate the earlobes with long lasting results of a year or longer. The procedure can be redone once it wears off.

Smaller sizes of the lobules can also be dealt in this manner by giving them a rounder look and increasing the size of the outer portion by the dermal fillers.

2.    Hollow Temples

Temples get hollower as the age increases and is seen as a major sign of aging. The bones give a very sicky appearance make one look unhealthy. The treatment can be done by two types of dermal fillers. It can be either by Poly lactic acid filler or by a hyaluronic acid filler. These fillers incite the collagen growth and with multiple treatments, these hollows are replenished. The treatment gives results that gradually improve overtime and last for about 2 years.

This treatment comes with the side effects and risks which must be considered. Some of these are facial nerve injury, emboli, infection, bruising, swelling, numbness etc.

3.    Non-surgical chin augmentation

Strong chin gives a very sharp and aesthetic feel to the face profile. A well-defined chin is very popular and before the introduction of dermal fillers, its purpose was carried on by implants. But this treatment had many complications as implants could not be customized. The most commonly used dermal fillers for non-surgical chin augmentation are Juverderm, Voluma, Sculptra, Restylane and Vellafill. It is a quick procedure that lasts only from 5 to 30 minutes and the pain can be avoided by numbing the skin.

4.    Neck Rings

Neck wrinkles run horizontally across the neck due to age factor. Although this treatment holds in itself a lot of aesthetic appeal but this procedure needs to be approached with caution as it is not recommended by the providers. If you are thinking about getting this treatment, you must be careful about your aesthetic practitioner’s experience in this regard as this is a very sensitive treatment. The results last from 9 to 12 months.

5.    Acne scars

Medically known as atrophic scars are to be treated by skin peel and laser with difficulty. The dermal fillers fill the space left by the acne in the form of the scars. They also encourage and enable the body to form collagen tissues and blood vessels under these sites. People who have it really hard can benefit from it as if changing results are offered. It will be a treatment with results that gradually better with time.

It is necessary that the patient is not allergic to Bellafill; the most commonly used dermal filler for acne scars and the age limit for these treatments is 21 years. Hyaluronic acid fillers can also be sued but they need to be in combinations with other treatments.

6.    Rejuvenating the hands

The hands are the tell-tale of one’s age as they show the effects of sun damage, volume loss, wrinkles along with the visibility of tendons, veins and bone structure etc. The most popular hand rejuvenation dermal filler is Radiesse that improves the volume and hides the visible veins and tendons etc. the adverse effects must be kept in mind and a prior consultation is also required.

7.    Foot Fillers

Everyone who suffers from volume loss wishes for more padding for their feet. The dermal fillers can be used to add padding to cushion the balls of your feet as it absorbs the gravity and the adverse effects of the shows. The injection is injected between the metatarsal and phalangeal bone in the toes that require the addition of the volume. The injection site is chosen in such a manner to reduce the pain and pressure from the injections.

Risks are a possibility in case of wrong administration of injections. They include swelling, bruising, damage to bon structures making it difficult to walk. Hence, before choosing the cosmetic practitioner do understand the importance of experience and fully investigate to avoid any of the above-mentioned side effects.

8.    Butt Enhancement

The endorsement of butt enhancement by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azelea, the procedure has sky rocketed in terms of popularity. Fillers have introduced a non-surgical alternate way to the implants and fat grafting methods. This newer approach is a quick fix with no restrictions on the activities to follow in the client’s life.  You can discuss with your aesthetic practitioner about the kind of development you are looking for and the procedure will be designed in that manner. Hence, the consultation session is very important to let the cosmetic provider know what you are looking for.

9.    Knee Wrinkles

Rejuvenating the knees to get rid of the wrinkles and other nuances is trending as cosmetic practitioners all across the world try to mask the signs of aging through Sculptra fillers. They tighten the skin and improve its quality by enabling the body to produce collagen. It is a non-surgical, safe procedure that can be considered by and large.

Dermal fillers have multiple uses and this quality sets it apart from all other cosmetic options of the industry. You can get any of these procedures done safely by a reliable and trained cosmetic practitioner or clinic.


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