Home selling is back in the news as national sales figures begin to pick up after a long drawn out recession. Once again homeowners around the country are looking to turn a profit by marketing their home, and in most cases they’re in need of a little pre-market TLC. The following is a list of five easy DIY upgrades that you can do yourself to help make your home more marketable and to reap more profit from the sale.

Give it a Landscaping Tune-Pit’s a well-known fact among realtors that landscaping is the number one best place on a property to invest your money. It provides the highest return of investment. When it’s done right it gets better with time even if other areas of a home become degraded with age. Before you sell your property you should ask yourself when the last time you put a couple of days’ work into the grounds around your home.

Chances are the bushes need to be trimmed back, wayward branches on trees removed, your lawn fertilized, and perhaps you can pick up a couple flats of annual shrubs to work into your landscaping. Annual shrubs in particular are affordable and grow very well.

Perhaps a Good Pressure Washing is in Order When was the last time you gave the entire exterior of your home and the surrounding cement flat-work a good pressure washing? If you’re like most homeowners, chances are the answer here is, “Never”. Take a look at your driveway for instance and if it has oil stains. Oil stains can be very detracting. You should keep in mind that curb appeal really counts when home selling.

A good top to bottom, front to back pressure washing is probably in order and don’t waste your money buying a pressure washer either. This is because good commercial grade and high-power pressure washers are expensive. Why buy one anyway, when you can rent one at your local rental yard? Make sure to pick up some good industrial-strength detergent too, so you can soak the oil stains in your driveway before you spray them off.

Go Over Your Kitchen and Bathrooms When you talk to any real estate agent they’ll also tell you that the two most important rooms in your home are the kitchen and bathrooms. It only stands to reason that you would want them looking their absolute best for any prospective buyers that come into your home.

You can start off by giving them a thorough cleaning from top to bottom and that includes the walls, floors, all fixtures and appliances. Consider scraping out all the old and discolored caulking around sinks, tubs and showers and then replace it with a fresh new bead. You might also want to dress the room up with some kitschy wall and countertop art, if you don’t have any displayed already.

Clean Your Carpets and Wax Your Floors Home selling is also a great time to have your carpets cleaned and your floors waxed. Both your carpets and your floors may have become dingy and you might think that is okay. Still, try to remember that to someone visiting your home, it’s all new and they’re going to notice all the little flaws in these areas.

Pick up some cans of spot cleaner and rent a carpet cleaner from a local rental agency. By renting and doing the job yourself, you can do a more thorough job of carpet cleaning. Ask your local rental agency about floor polishers too, because they probably have one that you can use to go over your hardwood or tile floors to give them a bright and shiny new look. Add More Light and Air FreshnerIf you use low wattage light bulbs and removed some bulbs from multi-bulb fixtures you’re not alone. Folks all over the country have been doing this for some time to help them cut their utility bills. The problem here is when it comes to home selling the lack of light can have your home looking dingy and gloomy. Just for the time being switch to higher watt bulbs and replace any that are missing.

If you have never used an air freshener, then now’s the time to consider using one. If you like to cook, your home may be saturated with aromas that while being pleasant to you, are probably alien to anyone coming to visit. Consider investing in a good quality electronic air freshener that you can use to keep your home smelling nice and fresh.

Pick up a small can of WD-40 then go through your entire home giving any sticky door knobs or cabinet hinges a little squirt. Also it only takes a couple of minutes and a can of spray paint to give your mail box a brand new look. Lastly, if you don’t have one already maybe now is the time to lay out a new door mat that says “Welcome” on it. Written by Reyna Walters. She is a real estate agent but on her spare time she writes for her blog. She loves giving out tips about home improvement.


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